Wurube Robert Demands Munuki FC Unpaid Balance Of Sign On Fee

Munuki FC President welcomes Wurube Robert to the club (Photo: Munuki FC)

South Sudan International and former Atlabara FC and Kyetume FC holding midfielder has told his parent club Munuki Football Club to finalize paying his sign on fee remaining balance before returning to the club and engage on normal football with the Snakes.

Many fans of Munuki Residential Area based club, and that of Wurube Robert Lopidia have been wondering why the newly signed midfield maestro has gone missing after just featuring in two games for the Snakes.

However, www.KurraSports.com carried an exclusive follow up into the matter and only to find out that Robert left the club because of his unpaid sign on fee balance believed to be USD 1,000.

It should be noted that Wurube arrived in Juba on the 28th December 2019 to complete his move to Munuki Football Club after being approached by the snakes as he was labelled a free agent since his contract at the Mukono based club Kyetume FC expired.

According to Wurube, Munuki FC requested him to sign for 2 years, but he hinted that he can only commit himself into a one year contract, of which both parties agreed, with a sign on fee of USD 2,000. The player also stated that out of the 2,000 USD, he was only paid 1,000 USD with a promise by the club that the remaining balance of 1,000 USD to be paid within 7 days, something that did not happen. He also reputed allegation that his then coach Nichola Peter Orat planned for his signing and leave the club after the receipt of the said amount and insisted Nichola does not owe him money nor does he owe his former coach any money and labeled it as un true.

When we spoke to one of the club’s management, he revealed that yes, Wurube Robert indeed has his sign on fee balance of 1,000 USD and the club was looking forward to clearing him.

“Robert is a big name player, he can’t just disappear like that, he should have first come to the club and inform the management about his intention of going back, so that we can know about it but not just disappear with out any formal notice to the club. We had agreed with the player that the remaining balance will be paid in May,” the Club Official told www.kurrasports.com.

Wurube Robert was one of the few signed players, recommended and signed by the then Munuki FC coach Nichola Peter Orat, as he was strengthening his squad during the December 2019 transfer window. He was signed alongside Stephen Pawaar from Amart United, Awach Tutu from Amarat United, Emmanuel Disi from Nasir FC among other players signed by Munuki Football Club.

However during the signing, Wurube Robert had different demands of which accommodation was part, unfortunately according to the player, the club did not leave up to the agreement, prompting him to leave for Uganda. He however stated that he is ready and willing to come back to the club as long as they walk the talk of the agreement.

“I am still part of Munuki Football Club until 28th December 2020, and i respect my contract, however i am requesting them to walk the talk of our engagement, I played against Nasir FC and we drew, i also played against Viva Stars FC we won 2-1, so we were in good shape,” Wurube told www.Kurrasports.com.

It should be noted that Wurube Robert Lopidia played his first encounter as a Munuki FC player against Nasir FC at Buluk Playing Ground and the game ended in a goalless draw, he also featured against Viva Stars FC as the Snakes won 2-1 at Jamus Playing Ground.

www.KurraSports.com also understands that one of Munuki FC December 2019 signings Akol Goffery has not been seen playing for the club and has since left for Uganda. The 19 years old South Sudan U-20 National Term player was also identified by the then Nichola Peter Orat, however reports were that he was not the club management favorites as accommodation, feeding or even playing bonuses were not given. Akol however revisited his note and opted to return to Kampala. However according to the club’s insider, he was under consideration since he had proved him self that he was worth for the team.

Munuki Football Club under Mohamad Adam are occupying the 7th position with 18 points after playing 15 matches, winning 4, drawing 6 and losing 5, scoring 14 and conceding 12 goals in total, the club’s recent game was against the Loberas of which they beat Kator FC 3-1.

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