Former Munuki FC Head Coach Demands Remuneration Balance and Distance Himself From Taking Player’s Money

Nicholas Peter Orat while Speaking to player during a match day. Photo: Munuki PRO

Former Munuki FC head coach Nicholas Peter Orat has confirmed that he is demanding his former employees a total remuneration for six months which is amounting to 1200 USD or so, when KurraSport contacted the club Public Relations Officer (PRO) Richard George, he confirmed that, the club is indeed to pay their former club coach the said amount, he however mentioned that coach Nicholas will have to bring Wurube Robert back to the club before clearing his remaining arrears. 

Nicholas during a training Session while with a NT in Kampala

However the Atlabara FC head coach and currently Gudele FC Juba head coach has told KurraSport that he will take other necessary measures like suing the club into the courts of law for not paying his remaining balance, ”i am going to write to them for the third time and if they have failed to respond then i am going to take plan B” says angry Nicholas

Recently a print media outlet reported that the former Munuki FC coach together with the player (Wurube Robert Lopidia) was handed players sign on fee balance of 1,000 USD and found its way with the money, something Nicholas labels it as untrue. 

According to coach Nicola Peter Orat he claims he never discussed money related issues with the club and player, but stated his role was submit a list of players he wants to add into the squad during the December 2019 transfer mid season and the issues of players contract and money is entirely the work of the club secretary and other club management responsible for player welfare and contract negotiation. 

Nicholas (R) during a National Team duty with South Sudan U-23 Team in 2019

“I am assuring you that i have never discussed any money related issues of Wurube Robert with the club, the only money the club gave me was for transporting the player (Wurube Robert Lopidia) from Kampala to Juba and nothing else apart from that”, said Nicola Peter. When i was in Uganda (Kampala), someone within the club administrators one day came to the player (Wurube Robert) to stop coming for training unless his balance was cleared, a statement which was used to blackmail and tarnish my name that influenced the whole process”, added Nicola.

It should be noted that during his tenure at Munuki FC as the head coach, Nichola Peter Orat signed six players, which includes the duo of Pawaar Stephen and Awach Tutu from Amarat United FC, Emmanuel Disi from Nasir FC, Akol Godfrey from Zambia third division club Tiger FC, Wurube Robert Lopidia from Kyetume FC as a free agent and one academy player, players that he recommended to strengthen the team to have chances of winning the Juba Local League or fight for a good position in the 2019/2020 season. 

Nicholas while at Namboole Stadium

Nicola Peter Orat who was officially appointed the Snakes head coach on 15th September 2019, later resigned from his position due to substandard support from the club administration and poor run of results was replaced by former Malakia FC head coach Mohamad Adam later in February 2020. 

Munuki FC will be playing Amarat United FC in the week 16 of the Juba Local League 2019/2020 season and are currently on the 7th position of the league table with 18 points after 15 games losing 6, drawing 6 and winning 4.  

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