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Yei Local FA Secretary And Stakeholders Demands Resignation Of Association Chairperson Due To Corruption And Misappropriation

John James Wani During The General Assembly of SSFA in Juba in January 5th 2019

The Yei Local Football Association secretary and members of the board are demanding that the association Chairperson Mr. John James Wani resigned and vacated his position due to corruption and misappropriation of the association funds since 2016.

According to Mr. Moro Gabriel the standing committee secretary of the Yei Local Football Association, Mr James has not accounted to the association since 2018 which means a total of 4,000 USD worth was not reported as per the finnacial reports but monies was withdrawn and all the money disappeared.

Gabriel also stated the chairperson completely does not know anything about Yei Local Football since he doesn’t stay in Yei and was just off and on since 2016. less than a week in office more than a month in Juba, and only went to Yei 2018-19 as a visitor during the FA South Sudan Cup finals

It should be noted Mr. Moro Gabriel who is a school teacher has since 2016 has been using one stone to kill six birds as he almost rans the whole association alone working as the secretary, chairman and vice chairman something he said was too much to him. 

John James Wani while relieving Sports Equipment from UNMISS in 2018

The Yei Local League 2019/2020 season first fixtures were first out on 3/10/2019 and to start on 16/10/2019 but the general assembly refused and demanded that the chairperson resign his position due to corruption. And after the club’s got registered with the then Yei State Ministry of Youth, Culture and Sports, the general assembly formed a sub committee and produced the fixtures under their control. 

He (John James Wani) was summoned to appear in a series of meetings but he turned down all the calls and opted to stay in Juba not minding the association due to fear of the general assembly, something that KurraSport has not found him since the available contacts were out of reach.

John James Wani while attending a cup final at Yei Freedom Square in 2018

The following are the current standing committee that is running the Yei Local League, with Mr. Moro Gabriel as the Secretary, and Africa Elioba Jenaba, Alison Ayuku Bethuel, Martin Malish Arumet, Nelson Ali Matayo, Samuel Buruga Philip, Luate Abas Angou, Rufas Ambrose Bojo, Adam Tenda, Mama Hawa Adam all as members 

Moro Gabriel the current Secretary of the Yei Local League Standing Committee.

According to Gabriel there has been no proper committee formed and SSFA is silent about it but we are trying their best to push the league into its completion (2019/2020) season, he however confirmed SSFA was able to extend to the association some 2,000 USD and is what they are using to run the affairs of the association. 

The Secretary General is now asking the national soccer governing body to step in and help locate the whereabouts of the association chairman who is said to have not visited the association for the last six month, something which was confirmed by the South Sudan Football Association President Mr. Francis Amin Paul that he  John James has not been attending Board of Directors (BoD) meetings at SSFA for close to two years. 

South Sudan football has in the past been rocked by misappropriation and mismanagement of funds meant for development of the sport in the country after world governing body (FIFA) banned former South Sudan Football Association President Chabur Goc Alei from any football related for 10 years for misappropriation of funds and bribery, Fifa said. Along with the ban, Alei was also fined 500,000 Swiss francs (US$499,000). He will serve this punishment until 2029. 

Chabour while in his office in 2017

It should also be noted terms representing Yei in the national competitions like South Sudan Champions League and South Sudan Cup have not been having a good camping while away from Yei, most notable one was Lizira SuperStars FC who came to represent the FA in a South Sudan Champions Cup, only to be accommodated with a friend and in a semi permanent house, something that took intervention of some sports lovers to help in the affairs of the club. 

John James Wani while receiving one of the clubs from Yei Local FA at his Juba residence

Yei Local League has been producing an outstanding teams like Dreams FC, Yei Central, Fly United FC, and players current Biashara United FC and South Sudan national team center back Yassir Khemis Celestino Duku 

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