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Yambio Local FA Secretary Receives SSFA League Cancellation With Reservations

Apai Joseph Speaking to Players and Fans Photo: Courtesy.

The Yambio Local Football Association (YLFA) Secretary General, Mr. Joseph Arikangelo Apai said they have positively received the cancellation of the league season 2019/2020 by SSFA following the current conditions and the cases of Covid_19 pandemic in the country.

However according to Apai, the decision of cancelling the local league competition results is totally bad and uncalled for, meaning the moral, resources, and value of the clubs are completely unconsidered by the decision of the SSFA. Something understands that perhaps the SSFA did not give the local football associations enough time to carry out dipper and wider consultations amongst the members or the local Board of Directors (BoD).

The most proven local league secretary further said the decision taken to not send a team to participate in the CAFCL is a demoralizing input on the football of South Sudan due to fact that players will not be getting used to most attended matches and also cover out the image of South Sudan in football rankings. He went on further to state that he is disappointed with SSFA Board that they could not suggest two options with either Atlabara FC Juba representing South Sudan in the CAF interclub competition or Local FAs select one club which is proven stable in terms of finances to represent.

The outspoken secretary said the cancelation of transfer will have an effect on some of the players’ contracts and suggested that the decision of the Local Football Association should have enacted a protection measures during the transfer activities. Mr. Apai also said since the Local Football Association are responsible or given the mandate for its Local Leagues, they should have been allowed to exercise their mandate as per the SSFA statues to perform their role in their own capacities in respect to relegation, promotions of the local league championship. He also went on to summarize the cancellation decision as 15% good and 85% wrong.

It should be noted that on Wednesday 20th May 2020 the South Sudan Football Association (SSFA), cancelled all the football leagues across South Sudan following its second ordinary Board meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has currently caused a stoppage to sports events all over the world.

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