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Government Suspends Juba Stadium Construction Works.

The Men at work in the Stadium

The government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports, has suspended the construction works of the Juba Stadium until further notice. This suspension is to pave way for investigations after the VIP section of the Stadium fell off on Tuesday 6th October 2020.

Dr. Albino has also stated that he will be consulting with the South Sudan’s Vice President who also holds the Gender and Youth Cluster portfolio  (Include Ministries of Gender, Child and Social Welfare; Culture and Heritage, Youth, and Sports) , H.E. Rebecca Nyandeng De Mabior and also the Vice President Taban Deng Gai who holds the Infrastructure Portfolio (The Infrastructure Cluster shall include Ministries of Energy and Dams; Transport; Roads and Bridges), and form an evaluation team together with the FIFA Engineer, State Construction Supervisor at the Stadium to formally inspect the works done the Ethiopian owned GS Construction Company.

Photo: SSFA Media Team

The Engineers, technocrats and the government will evaluate and certain the reason (s) as to why part of the VIP (main entrance) got a pullover (falloff).

According to the Minister if the evaluation is found to be a minor fault then works will then resume within less than two weeks, works will resume. But it’s a  structural defect, then the government will have another say.

Photo: SSFA Media Team

In April 2019, GS Construction Company was contracted by FIFA to reconstruct the only national stadium in the country, through a FIFA Forward Project grant of 5,000,000 United States Dollars, a project which resulted in the overhaul of the entire stadium. Over the last 24 hours, angry South Sudanese online began to circulate images of the collapsed section of the Juba stadium.

They demanded that the Minister of Youth and Sports intervene. In defence, the Managing Director of GS Construction Company described the incident as a minor problem.

Photo: SSFA Media Team

“I want to clarify this happens [even] in so many construction places, and it has nothing to do with the structure of the stadium” Girma Safario stated.

Girma Safario

“During the placing of the fresh concrete, the crane knocked the support cabin leading to the fresh concrete pouring down.”

However, the Minister of Youth and Sports decided to suspect the construction until further notice.

Photo: SSFA Media Team

“We have to hear from the technocrats, they will be the ones to tell us if it is a structural defect,” Dr. Albino Bol told the press.

“I said, I will have a problem with the company and we will take the company to court .” The stadium was initially planned to be completed in February this year but got delayed due to the untimely disbursement of funds by FIFA.

The project is being supervised by the South Sudan Football Association. This is what the national football governing body is able to write on their social media platform.

Photo: SSFA Media Team

Project executing Executive Director for GS Construction Company of Juba Stadium, Mr. Qarma Chevroa confirmed that the main reason for the collapse of the part of the main cabin of Juba stadium yesterday was due to the collision of a crane that broke it’s sum which in turn led to the collapse of  a cabin yesterday.

Mr. Qarma Chevroa
Photo: SSFA Media Team

Qarma said that work is continuing after the accident, detesting rumors circulating in the social media that the stadium has totally collapsed is  false.

Kurrasports will keep an eye on the final verdict in case the investigation into the matter is completed. It Stadium was presumed to have kicked off hosting international games at the end of December 2020, something that will not come to pass.

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