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JLFA 2021 South Sudan Cup: Atlabara FC Juba Secured Semi Final Slot As Munuki FC Juba Shown The Exit Door Through Spot Kicks

Atlabara FC Team pose for group photo before taking on Munuki FC Juba Photo: Bway Isaac

As the Juba Local Football Association, South Sudan Cup 2021 edition narrows it down to the last 4 teams, Atlabara FC Juba have secured their semi final slot after beating Munuki FC Juba on penalties.  

Atlabara FC Nigeria international goalkeeper Lukas Indeche was the hero as he saved 2 of the 3 penalties taken by Munuki FC Juba on Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at Buluk Training Center performances which gave the Bara Boyz a 4-1 win on spot kicks.

Goalkeeper Lukas Indeche punches out one of the penalties taken. Photo: Town Far Fredo.

Coach Atlabara FC Juba head coach Michale Ouma and Mohammed Adam who both approached the game in a very technical point of view had Munuki FC Juba squandering most of the chances in front of the goal. Moreover, forward Angelo Ango had most of the brilliant chances but lacked the capability to slot it past the Atlabara Fc Juba goalkeeper Lukas Indeche. 

Salim (13) man marking Munuki’s Angelo Ango (9).

Atlabara FC Juba who most had most of the ball possession within the back and centre had little or limited chances upfront in the first half, however Munuki FC Juba couldnt utilized that angle to capitalized upfront, after coach Mohammed Adam made four changes against Atlabara FC Juba from the his lineup that beat defending champion Al Rabita FC 3-1, with George Augustino Ladu and Wislon Tito Modi both did feature due to accumulated two (2) yellow cards and a red card after been sent off against AL-Rabita FC respectively. 

Atlabara FC coach Michael Ouma who technically studied the game, introduced South Sudan national U-20 and U-23 playmaker Mandela Nelson and later introduced national senior team attacking midfielder Jimmy Omar Michael for Mandela Malish. The substitution was at the blink of yielding some fruits as Jimmy Omar’s slow finish was cleared by Dominic Angelo who was prepared by coach Adam to play at the center back position. 

After center referee Joseph Baba who called for the game to end with penalties left to determine the team which would have to progress into the semi final, team captains were consulted in the proceeding with Atlabara FC meant to take the first spot kick. 

Left forward Mandela Nelson opened the penalty kick with for the Bara Boys and placed it opposite the U-20 Munuki FC goalie Kwaje Noel, with Peter Sunday Makoi, Buay Lam Chan and midfielder Lazo Nangela all placing their spot kicks at the back of the net past goalkeeper Kwaje Noel, however Denis Deng of Munuki FC Juba showed his penalty kick punched out by goalkeeper Lukas Indeche, as well as that of substitute Ladu Felegrino, with only national team holding midfielder Dominic Angelo who didn’t disappoint as he placed his spot kick at the back of the net. 

Some of the teams which have booked their slots in the semi final stage includes Gudele FC Juba after beating City FC by 2-0, Buluk Imtidad FC after beating Gumbo FC 2-0 in the last stages of the game. 

It should be noted that the other quarter final game between Malakia FC Juba and Amarat United FC was called off by the Juba Local Football Association after the resolution passed by the South Sudan National COVID_19 Pandemic Task Force to suspend football activities for one month until 3rd March 2021.  

Munuki FC Juba XI: Kwaje Noel 30 (GK), Dominic Angelo 6 [C], Tutu Awach 15, Daniel Abubakar 2, Rihan Angier Mabior 14, Joseph Loro 5, Nelson Victor 24, Peter Uzeogbu 8, Denis Deng 12, Angelo Ango 9, Stephen Pawaar Loli 10. 

Subs: Emmanuel Disi 1,  Mugisha Dan 17, Sebit Juma 22, Yamondo Tawakali 21, Emmanuel Juma 7, Tong Majak 18, Lado Pelegrino 11, Emmanuel Patrick 4, Tong Majak 3, Mohammed Ibrahim 16, Emmanuel Towongo 19. 

Atlabara FC Juba XI: Lukas Indeche 27 [GK], Mustafa Salim 13, Buay Lam Chan 21, Joseph Shikokoti 23, Mutwakil Abdelkarim 6, Peter Sunday Makoi 5, Mandela Malsih 18, Samuel Dok 19, Lazo Nangela 2, Muyang Joseph 20, Obligi Simon 9.

Subs: Khemis Daniel Dak 1 [GK], Stephen Lawrance 12, Emmanuel James 4, Scopas Abugo 17, Tombe Jimmy 8, Jimmy Michael Omar 7, Nelson Mandela Stephen 10, Kujbor Dak 16, Isaac Peru 15, Philiph Edisiri 11, Raphiel Kenyi 3, Tajok Paul 22.

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