Juba Local Football Association Attracted 17 Foreign Players During The December 2020 Transfer Window

The Juba Local Football Association (JLFA) Logo.

Reports indicated in the December 2020 Juba Local Football Association (JLFA) club transfer and players registration season have attracted a total of  17 foreign players to join the league. 

As per statistics obtained from the Local Football Association, the first division team registered 13 players and 4 were registered by the second division terms,with none in the 3rd division clubs. 

Victor Nelson th Munuki FC Juba midfielder renewing his contract Photo: Munuki FC Juba Media Team

El-Merreikh FC Juba, Atlabara FC Juba had the highest number with each club registering three (3), while Malakia FC Juba, Gudele FC Juba only registering two (2) players each, Rainbow FC Juba, Munuki FC Juba, Nasir FC Juba both signed one (1) player each during the December 2020 transfer season. 

El Merriekh FC Juba players during a South Sudan Cup game at Buluk Training Center.

It should however be noted that, some of the players committed their future with the clubs they signed for previously after extending their stay with the club for a season or two. 

Fernandez Terra, Joseph Shikokoti Ebenzi and Lazo Mangela SIMBA are some of the players who signed for Atlabara FC Juba, with goalkeeper Lukas Eundishi and forward Philip Idisri Abino as being some of the club’s previous signings. 

Goalkeeper Lukas Indeche punches out one of the penalties taken. Photo: Town Far Fredo.

Meanwhile Michael Amaechina ORJI, and Kaluusi Hudu Nyanzi entered into Merreikh Juba new signing books as they join Nicosha Stanley Ameka and Audi ojo Shokoa Stephen who joined the club in 2018. 

Munuki FC Juba attracted the services of Sudanes forward Mohammed Ibrahim Abdalla Osman. Abdallah joins defender Mugisha Dan and midfielder Peter Ozogio Hinasokwa who joined the snakes in 2017. 

Gudele FC Juba squad pose for a photo before taking on Al Hilal FC Juba Photo: Bway Isaac

Burundian international Emmanuel Mujjanja IRUMBA was the only foreign player signed by Al Nasir FC Juba, meanwhile Gudele FC Juba added the services of Jacques Daniel ELOUNDOU who joined the likes of DR. Congo international Malemale Yongo Babayi. 

While the second division had 4 players registered in their different clubs as the transfer season ran from December 20th – 30th lasted for only 10 days. 

Nyakuron FC Logo

Nyakuron FC, Zalzal FC Juba,Juba City FC, Imtidad Buluk FC, are the clubs in the second division that attracted foreign players into the club in the December 2020 transfers. 

Mohamed Konda Gaidoum ABURAIDA was the signing for Imtidad Buluk FC, Abdulrahman Rashid Zalzal FC Juba, Ombele Hamid was the December 2020 recruit for Nyakuron FC, he joined the ranks of Menja Obied and Daniel Okora Lameton who both joined the club in 2018. 

Nyakuron FC signing one of the players during the December 2020 Transfer window.

The Juba local football association also registered a total of 208 players in the 2020 December transfer with 110 of those players are nationals and 13 foreign players, 85 of the total transfers conducted are youths. 

Nyakuron FC Juba Photo: Munuki FC Media Team

The second division had a total of 171 transfers with 167 nationals and 4 being foreign players and the 3rd division clubs had 269 transfers and all the players were nationals or local players during the 2020 December transfer window.  

Imtidad Buluk FC posing for a photo before taking on Viva Stars FC

According to many sports lovers and stakeholders foreign players will help market the league and attract investors or many players to grace the league, which in a long run will increase the revenue of the clubs and that of the local football association.  

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