South Sudan Volleyball Federation To Send A National Team For African Nationals Volleyball Championships

South Sudan national Volleyball Federation has confirmed that they will be taking part in the first ever organized Men’s African Nations Volleyball Championship 2021, will be held in Kigali Rwanda on September 5th 2021.

According to the South Sudan National Volleyball Federation, the national team will be composed of both local and international players. Plays who plays their trade in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda will be summoned.

Munuki Volleyball and Cobra Volleyball clubs are among some of the local clubs to have played picked from according to reports.

The South Sudan National Volleyball Federation will send a total of 14 players and 2 reserved players into the upcoming African Volleyball Championship to be hosted by Rwanda at the Rwanda Arena from 6th-20th September 2021.

The South Sudan National Volleyball Team Players who will likely be travelling for the upcoming Volleyball National Championship in Africa, Rwanda will be the host.

1. Daniel Mayen Ajuong. ( Kerhai Volleyball Club)

2. Abraham Chol Majok ( Kampala Univ V. Club)

3. Anglo Tong Jok ( Munuki Volleyball Club)

4. Bullen Sylvester Kambaya (Cobra V. Club)

5. Zabi Sylvester Kambaya ( Rongai V. Club)

6. Madut Kur Nong ( Munuki Volleyball Club)

7.James Achuil Nhile ( Cobra Volleyball Club)

8. David Juwang Kuju ( Cobra Volleyball Club)

9. Ring Achuil Malith ( Munuki Volleyball Club)

10. Michael Maguong ( Cobra Volleyball Club)

11. Makuach Magot Makuach (Munuki V. Club)

12. Emmanuel Nyal Chan ( Ndejje Univ V. Club)

13.Salva Mouthic(Orange Block Busters V.Club)

14. Achiir Akech ( Munuki Volleyball Club)

15. Gum Meen ( Cobra Volleyball Club)

16.Thon Maker Ayany ( Sports Volleyball Club)

17. Paulino Madut (KCCA) V. Club

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