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Yei Local Football Association General Assembly Elects New Office Bearers For A 4 Year Term

The New Elected Members at Yei Youth Gardens

The football fans in Yei on Saturday 19th December, 2020 waked up in a new dawn as the general assembly of the Yei Local Football Association (YLFA) took upon them shelves to elect new officer bearers into place to run the affairs of the association for the next four years. 

The general assembly which sat on Friday 18th December, 2020 kicked off the program with reading of the financial report before the electro body from the South Sudan football Association (SSFA) went on to conduct the free and fair election at the Yei Youth Gardens premises. 

Members of the Yei General Assembly

In the new leadership 2021-2024 Yei Local Football Association set up , Juba based Justin Lokonga was elected the local FA President with 19 votes, beating closest contender Joseph Bala who gathered 15 votes, other high position contender was Emmanuel Kenyi who only got 3 votes out of the 38 members of the general assembly. 

In the Vice President position which attracted four contenders including former deputy secretary Mr Moro Gabriel, was won by Gama Isaac who scoped 24 votes, with former Yei Local League referee, City FM Juba and Top FM Sports Analyst, reporter and anchor respectively who is currently a sports news writer with Juba Monitor Kei Emmanuel Duku (Rough Rider) only gathering 7 votes in the faithful evening to become second in the que.  Meanwhile Nicholas Andrea and Moro Gabriel gained only 3 and 1 votes respectively. 

Former Yei River County Commissioner Juma Augustine (Dark Suit) was also present during the election period.

Prominent local based sports reporter John Kenyi who stood alone for the Secretary position got 35 votes, meanwhile Rose Minala gathered 30 votes ahead of Alice Adara with 5 to secure the Finance Secretary position. 

South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Chairman for Competition department Mr. Wiyual Lampouch was one of the observers sent to witness the elections on behalf of the national football governing body. 

South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) Chairman for Competition department Mr. Wiyual Lampouch Middle (specs).

The Yei Local Football Association (YLFA) under the former President Mr. John James Wani has gone through lots of huddles according to some of the members of the general assembly with the former president accused of failing to account for the 6,000 USD sent by the national football governing body to facilitate the affairs of the local football association administration, plus the office printer and laptop which was meant to be used in the office have all been reported disappeared in the local FA offices. 

Members of the Yei Local Football Association General Assembly

John James Wani who is also a Pastor (clergyman)  by profession has failed to appear before the general assembly after being summoned to explain the way about of the said items and monies meant to facilitate the activities of the local football association. 

With all the above mentioned incidences, many Yei Local football lovers have expressed optimism on the new leadership under Justine Lokonga and have challenged them to be transparent and accountable to the general assembly members and football stakeholders in the county for the betterment of the growth of football in the county.   

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