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Maduot Wins South Sudan Football Association Top Seat After Second Round Of Polls

Augustino Maduot Parek (2nd) Left while with the rest of the contestant a day before the elections. Photo: SSFA Media Team.

The South Sudan Football Association (SSFA) General Assembly has on Thursday 22nd July 2021 elected military General and former Director of Passports, Nationality and Immigration as the new President of the South Sudan Football Association.

General Augustino Maduot Parek won the elections in Juba on Thursday afternoon after a second round vote was conducted by the SSFA Electoral committee, he won the seat by 20 out of 37 voters. 

Augustino Maduot (L) while handing his application letter for the post of the President of SSFA Photo: SSFA Media Team.

The Electoral Committee prior to the polling time gave a lime line stating that if no candidate reaches the 50+1% threshold for the two seats, then they will be left with no option but to make another round of poll. 

It should be noted that in the first round poll, Lual Maluk Lual got 9 votes, Peter Achuil got 0 votes, Augustino Maduot Parek got 15 votes, Shafiq Gordon Ali got 5 votes, meanwhile the incumbent Francis Amin Michael got 8 votes, which is a clear indication that none of the 5 candidates got the threshold of 19 votes which will require a candidate to be declared winner.  

Electoral Committee Declaration Form for Presidency

However, after the second round poll, Augustino Madut became victorious with 20 votes out of 37. He defeated the outgoing President, Francis Amin Michale, and three other candidates with a total of 17 votes. In the second round of poll, Lual Maluk Lual got 11 votes, Augustino Maduot Parek got 20 votes, Francis Amin Michael got 4 votes and Shafiq Gordon Ali got 2 votes, Peter Achuil was eventually eliminated in the first round after getting 0 votes in the first round. 

Augustino moods after being elected SSFA President

“I hereby declare candidate Mr. Augustino Maduot Parek as the winner of this election held on 22nd July 2021 for the position of the President of South Sudan Football Association,” announced by Arik Ring Arik, chairperson of the SSFA Electoral Committee. 

Maduot will be deputized by Charles Udwar Ukech who won the Vice President seat of the South Sudan Football Association with 21 out of 37 votes.

Electoral Committee Declaration Form for the Vice Presidency

Other candidates for the Vice Presidential seat were: Makur Majok Koriom, Deng Monyluak, Venancio Amumu Deng, and AbdelRahman Chol. The total number of ballots cast were 37. There were no invalid votes.

Mr Charles Udwar Ukech was a former South Sudan Football Association Board Member (2013-2017) when FIFA banned former SSFA President Chabour Goc Alei, he was representing Torit Local Football Association and he was also the head of the Finance Committee at SSFA. 

Udwar Standing alongside former SSFA Deputy President Mr. Bensiao Amum just hours before the elections at PALM Africa Hotel

Photo: Town Far Fredo.

Maduot is the former Director-General of the Directorate of Passports, Nationality and Immigration who was removed from his position through a Presidential Decree. He is the founder of Citizen Football Club (Police affiliated team) that plays in the second division league of the Juba Local League. Mr Maduot is also the current President of the Juba Local Basketball Association (JLBA).

Both General Maduot and Udwar will spearhead the affairs of the South Sudan Football Association for a period of four years -starting July 22, 2021, to July 22, 2025.

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